Q&A with astrologer Michael O’Conner

Michael O’Conner recently came on board as the Kootenay Advertiser’s astrologer of choice. The following article gives insight into the man and his profession.


Q: I understand you will be visiting communities around the East Kootenay’s between April 21st and 27th and offering both visual Presentations and in-person Readings, can you say more about that?

A: Yes, my tour begins in Creston on April 21st and 22nd, then I will be in Cranbrook April 23 & 24th, then Golden April 25 & 26th. In addition to in-person Readings, I am offering an exciting visual presentation entitled ‘What Astrology Can Do For You” which provides a deep and thorough tour into the world of astrology and specifically what it offers to people in terms of useful, practical and valuable insights and the areas of life it covers. No prior background or experience in astrology is required. The best way to learn more about dates, times and locations for my presentations and Readings and/or to reserve an appointment is to send me an email and I will forward the flyer sunstarastrology@gmail.com or you can call me directly as well: 250-352-6871

Q: Where were you born? Raised?

A: I was born and raised in Montreal.

Q: Why did you choose to live in the Kootenay Region?

A: I made my first trip over to British Columbia in 1986 and quickly fell in love with it. The following year I successfully applied for a silviculture job and my first contract was in Cranbrook. I recall the scent of pine lingering in the air. It is a pleasant memory. That career lasted 10 years. So, in addition to my love of this beautiful part of the world, let alone Canada, my decision to reside here was practical, linked to my vocation.

Q: What prompted you to become interested in astrology?

A: Obtaining my degree overlapped with this period and I graduated from Concordia University in 1990. I had already been studying astrology and numerology since 1981. While my mother held a mild interest in it and made me aware of my sign when I was a child, it was my grade 11 high school English teacher who activated my deeper interest in and passion for astrology. I was a bit skeptical at first, as people often are when it comes to astrology, but I soon discovered that it provides deep and accurate insights about one’s nature, character, destiny and timing in life and more so yet. So, once ignited with this awareness my studies began and continue to this day. Astrology is much more intricate, diverse and profound than one might at first think.

Q: Can anyone become an astrologer?

A: While anyone can learn astrology, like many other things, they either have the innate aptitude, which is a feature of their nature, character and destiny, or they do not in regard to actually taking it to a professional level. Commitment is another factor. Beyond the broad scope and rich complexity of knowledge required to understand how astrology works, the dedication of an astrologer often requires study in other areas well. There are philosophical, historical, psychological, sociological, astronomical and cosmological implication in astrology and having at least a broad based appreciation of these subjects are required to become well rounded in ones perspectives of people, human nature and life in general. So, many people can learn about astrology, which can certainly prove personally enriching on a variety of levels of awareness, insight and knowledge, but just as with a musical instrument, for example, not everyone will have the talent, aptitude or dedication to persevere long enough to attain the level of mastery for useful and accurate interpretation and application that it requires.

Q: A lot of people think that astrology is for prophecy. Is it prophetic, or is it more a way to live life in a general way?

A: Astrology certainly does have its roots seeped in the soils of prophesy. These were initially as basic and practical as endeavoring to make predictions for weather cycles as with almanacs and for navigation. In time, the focus was turned to the lives of people. Prediction remains a strong feature of astrology yet it is certainly not its only application. Modern astrology has evolved to break free of purely fatalistic thinking and attempts to make prophetic proclamations on that basis. Appreciation of the realities of freewill is now woven into the art of interpretation. It can best be described as the appreciation that while our lives are guided by a destiny, which we can call the probability factor, we can also make conscious, free will choices and thereby co-create successful and meaningful possibilities. Awareness is the key and this is where astrology can help a lot. Sometimes it is simply about gaining clarification and affirmation, yet inspiration, long term perspectives or vision and strategic thinking in light of an awareness of the cycles of time are also valuable features of what astrology can offer. So, yes beyond the prediction or prophesy factor, astrology provides insight, wisdom and guidance about how we can live our lives more in-tune with our own nature and nature in general, which implies alignment, balance and health and to live more authentically.

In the course of my work I do bring attention to future probabilities. My approach is to look at who you are, where you are coming from, which includes your past but more specifically what motivates and therefore excites you in a deep way. Also, where you are going to, which implies a sense of direction and orientation and of timing. Then, I look at where you are at now in your life, which focuses on current cycles, themes and their consequent outer reflections which manifest as events. And finally I look to what is next. The last part, what is next, can extend to short periods of time or to the long-term future. Altogether, this strategy provides a more holistic perspective than merely trying to predict the future. While the future is probable it is not certain. Possibility is an ever present factor both in terms of the outcome of events and how we choose to interpret and deal with them. While our destiny, which again includes a weave of our nature, character and destiny, is written in the stars, it is not written in stone.

Q: Have you ever done anyone’s chart that resulted in a “mind-blowing” look into their future?

A: In the course of my 20 year career I have most certainly been able to make predictions about career choices, real estate transactions, moves of residence, the likely outcome of relationships, about how to resolve issues and about key turning points in time and outer synchronistic events in general. People can read about the feedback from my clients in testimonials on my website.

Q: Do you have any heroes in the astrology world?

A: There are certainly a number of astrologers who I admire and who may be considered my heroes. Principle among these is Dane Rudhyar, who in terms of his contributions to astrology, may be equated to Carl G. Jung in psychology, Ken Wilbur in modern philosophy, or Edwin Hubble in astronomy and so on. Other astrologers who have been pivotal in my studies include Martin Schulman, Liz Greene, Erin Sullivan Stephen Arroyo and Martin Goldsmith. There are certainly others and not all of them are astrologers actually as I extend my study focus to other disciplines in an ongoing endeavor to broaden my overall knowledge towards deepened insight and understanding of human nature and the human condition.

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